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By supporting the medical community through its logistic and consulting expertise
By bringing to your business’s adequate solutions

Let`s prepare together your crisis exit

Every crisis is at the same a threat and a development opportunity. SMEs are particularly exposed.
In an unprecedented and very tight context, your business certainly requires adjusting your organisation according to three levels or emergency:

RESCUE: the vital prognosis of your business is engaged, requires immediate actions

  • Audit and diagnosis within 48 hours
  • Rescue plan and actions implemented within 7 calendar days
  • Post rescue consultancy

ASSISTANCE: a structural risk is identified, asks for anticipation

  • Audit and diagnosis within 7 calendar days.
  • Adjustment Plan and fine tuning within 2 weeks
  • Crisis exit preparation

DEVELOPMENT: the crisis is the opportunity to prepare your business for restart and its future successes

  • Analysis of opportunities and their potentials - for your own SME-
  • Build-up of a strategic planning
  • New Marketing, logistic and sales strategy


Protective Equipement

Protective Equipment Product Overview

Elements4you brings to you professionals, expertise and tools to assist you in the following domains:

  • Management of organisations, human resources physical resources, stress management
  • Financial expertise
  • Industrial management and processes
  • Market development, strategic analysis
  • Safe and reliable global logistics management
  • Global product sourcing
  • Supply chain organisation
  • Strategy planning (Turn-around, Greenfield, International Distribution and Sales Network, Start-up assistance)
  • Support in Crisis Management
  • Main fields of consulting experience are Packaging, Printing, Injection Moulding, Food & Beverage Industry


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